the crescent moon, the outflux and the blackstone
to whittle down unclean spirits, direction,
strange clay idols, semantic wheels of influence
the messengers of syringes and injection
their ways and pathways, with features darkened and misshapen
and crooked in all the wrong ways
blazing flesh, shadows on expensive silk icons
the mixtures, wandering shades and apparitions, vaporous in extent but not in form
subservience to the atmospheres, kneeling
before a storage carrier—its threat, crisis, and subsequent unification—
telling a tale of sticks and stones, and donning the ritual garb
describing the ins and outs of the procedure, mumbling mantras and prayers and substances
by virtue of this medium, hazy and membranous, a lost memory
reaching out in veiled form, with surgical tendrils and transforming subtly, shyly,
one by one, percolating, like invisible locusts—
and through sudden diffusions of light, body streams warp,
merge into a single force and flow through slides, eddies,
along the banks and out of the split ends, discursively,
into a decrepit basement of mold and mildew; and finally,
horrible phases of pensive torture, orbs pulsate in the eyes and ears,
bulbous veins like tree trunks, autonomous jumbles of arteries,
accompanied by pounding washes of shock and torture,
conjunctive networks of organs, whittled down, to settle down to a twinkle
whirrs of psychic institutions, alien cultural mores—
harnessing, running on clocks, body clocks and tensive alternation.

(caustic hidden wildfires and ghoulish grimaces
finding the picture ever so lightly riveting; retreating
beneath the sky of the valley twists and turns and
the old smoky quartz and hilltops of marble and granite
the two-headed emblem, the old country road
interacting compartments, little trickles to teardrop islands
where, by outrageous circumstance, transfixed and transfigured
the algorithm and its celestial pathologies, as we eat them, drenched in colorful vomit
precluding all due respect)

(across forests and caves, ground and mushed in sapient contortions
dirt peels and functional inner workings, great structures, walls like sponges, ventilation,
groveling across landscapes, tearing apart the skulls and rib-cages beckoning in desparation
licking vile innards off the floor, contemplating how they are viewed as meat, bones, and slop
big and small people, there are people with ropes tied to their tongues tied to their teeth dragged
flipping bodies, relentlessly seen glowing in small pressure points, cauldron of slush and viscera,
what is seen is what has been, and what will be is that the dusts of the earth will wipe clean)

erupting chaos; that which blazes,
which immures in a spiraling hierarchy, sprouting miscellany
in the beginning: with a slight rustle and a gesture, waving aside wet leaves
great movements of stems, emanations of roots and keystones, the hegemony
waving gestures, the object, waving gestures, establishes itself
guided across a sequence of still chambers, waiting for flying sparks of fear
closure, a new opening, a drifting cord of connection
bundles of avid gestures, levitating shadow strings,
cascades of mirrored planes, enveloped in flutters and rumors, soft brushes,
in the end: necrocracy, static noise and apathy; blank paper, the viscous viscera streams,
thousands of long and thin legs growing; folded-up fabric, dream powder, fixations,
a centerpiece and a storehouse, and with much gravity,
sheepishly dashing away with a wreath of flowers.

witness the overhaul of the production-consumption paradigm, the sticky sticky spiderweb;
witness the death of the eye in clouds and washes of memory, the bleeding edge of time
it is decoded through the sleeve of life and written in whorls and splotches of light across the tattered corpus
we are overtaken by an underbrush and resistance to the merge and meld
imbued by divine rite, ordained, anointed, and selected by higher-ups
he, sent down and out headlong, peers through the telescope and faces choice
his mind picking and pricking his abyssal works, traversing the meridian from one map to the other
in the end, to appear simpler than one actually is—to be spellbound and told truth obliquely with a hit or miss
for it is the mind that queries, yet the body which receives
her body sprawled out across the floor, her limbs splayed out across the ceiling
taking apart strings and groups of tangled fibers, clutching onto objects, and here
and in this chamber is visible the fire, through which forever nature is renewed—
ravening fire which purifies and seeps through the perforations of nature.

(he saw that you saw that he saw that you saw, moping about, scooping out the neighborhood's entrails, down in the trees and heuristics
and as you know, he has been sent down to grieve in lieu of us, so that we may remain happy in our custom,
it was a trial throw, after which time will be taken to determine if it was a hit or a miss
to all the four holes of the earth, and the vessels of holes, and the holes that were holes he travelled
there were packages circulating and churning about within him; there was blood gushing from his wounds
brought forth squirming larvae; the writhing worms, the toothsome holes, threat archetypes
he gave them an elixir, to erode the fake duality.)

a world of magic, mystique, and allure
with colorful streamers flowing on down
the concave and convex sparkles that make you dumb drooling baby, and removal of the intruding organ
fate, fear, fortune, and the crux of all this
germinating in the midst of the mist and the thunder-cracks
an omen of death in the body, hate in the mind, deathly love in the heart, and a worshipful soul and a foreboding spirit
the wheel amidst the center of the spokes, shifting and sliding 'round the earth
slumber and craters rumble and grumble and crags are severed from cliffs
oh but there is no hope, oh dearest netty nettling crumbling down, the sieve of all meshes and the mesh of all sieves, the big red snakes in the big round sky
we are but trespassers on this earth, oh dearest everloving nectar basket-of-sweets
who controls the networks? the blood, who controls the neural nets
what was that? oh! it was a squishy thing!
oh, squishy things, my deathly deathly lust-for-blood
missy pissy sissy kissy lizzy hissy, the foliage cuts my sticky pricky sickly
pity followed by anger and animosity towers over us and anger and pity
lark, park, hark, stark, bark, lark, matchlights to and fro in the dark, gloom doom boom
the devil, the guardian of the threshold, strikes fear into the guts of the malleable and pops up in everyplace; a particular devil furrows its way through you,
into your feet and legs, through your arms and hands and fingers and your eyes and seeps out of your nostrils and leaks and spills around in circles
disease ridden, it never stops until fire and loving everplace, seeking comfort and refuge, everblowing love, sick coughing people, stone-eyed folk that obey you,
and everyone you know and hold dear, horrible deathly hate and deathly love spring up and fall down
natures and caverns everywhere, cockroaches crawling and muddled swarms everywhere
until the all-enclosing end.

(now peep, close eyes and steep and turn on
natures and caverns everywhere
droves everywhere, and we have a weight laid down, she is up in our stonecastle in the tippymost chamber
and what is known is forgotten, for the unknown shall be made known)

by patricians of spiritual mimicry leveraging a forgetful science,
condescending, with everything interflowing and slivering,
a lurid realm of love and fantasy; the doors and bridges of the church in the sky,
a fine slew of watercolors and four states, cordoned off from each other

the external and internal servomotors, pushing and pulling upon nebulous aggregates,
with mediators and intermediates, trickling out from the coarse recesses, and clearing away the wet spots,
you and i, and hellos and goodbyes of differing weights and proportions,
the child of sacrifice, the thing, the tool, the delectable object of power

you, sower and reaper, sleeper of nevernothings, hole digger, armed and disarmed by weightful gemstones
with magical power over thoughts and emotions, and fluids bubbling below,
necklaces made of skulls, and beckoning for surrender, head over heels,
a convoluted system of sympathies and antipathies, a comeliness so funny and fearful and resplendent

by and by, the new luminaries, the men and women of blood and soil
the little insects, your brain, the baby of oh my,
wonderfully, dresses, and dissolving into tears
blushes and puffs; a pile of earth

three times the charm and a protrusion within an intrusion and an intrusion within a protrusion before the
arising of the land of the brilliant golden sun, from which all things emanate, and the great cultural centers
whose architecture was assisted by the master-builders, the victors of angels and magicians—
the primordial squelchy-green, from which arose the great towering capsule of allness, bubbled and guzzled endlessly
ki, an, an, ki—a glimmering gemstone disco ball wobbled in the center of the sky, letting out erratic spurts of snow
the green turned red and the red turned black turned white, the guzzling was quickened by the reciprocal-spinning of the capsule
so henceforth was placed a demarcation—suffering, pain, torture on the one side; happiness, bliss, on the other

(the moon was dim and still at night, and i was in a fountain garden
enveloped by leaves and branches, considering this duple base
there were moles digging through the earth and bright flowers
a great statue, the centerpiece of the garden, was a god with many names
the renowned one, the framer, the pipes-and-tubes, he who gives form
a horned beast emerged from the unknown and smashed the statue to pieces
broken shards drifted into fountain waters, flowing down the gardens and rivers
flowing into hundreds and thousands of branches, becoming scattered throughout the entire world.)

once upon a space before a time in faint memory
in the evening evening of the winter summer, i forget
whenever you hear garbled tongues, you will suffer, you will just make out fuzzy outlines of shadows
envy, envy, from here on out; and the great weighted cloud, things-in-themselves
passing the black goop from hand to hand—what you have inherited, picked-up, absorbed, the substances
ecstasy, wine, gushing through the pipes, salient mud sloshing.

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